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What some have said about the site:

"Joe, I just visited your website for the first time.  Your photos are great.  I hope to offer you some photos of my own in the future.  Thanks for creating such a fun website."     Walt...Captain Toyz

"Your website made my day.  Love your website.  Your graphics are A+++. "  Alan Murray

 "I LOVE your website!!!!! I can't wait to become a part of it.  As soon as my tax refund comes, I am going out and buying a digital camera."           David Schaeffer   ( on the picture at the top of "The Portals" page to see a glimpse of David's incredible collection.)

"...Your pictures totally astound me.  You've captured a certain authenticity like no other dioramist I've seen.  Of course it's all in your photos, which take on the look of a well-composed, highly accurate military reproduction painting (I'm an art historian in the final stages of my Ph.D).  I'm VERY impressed with your use of lighting, especially in the Ben Hur series....A FANTASTIC job of the very highest quality.  You've taken toy soldier photography to the umpteenth degree!"   John Montgomery


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       Thanks to all who take the time to send feedback!


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