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Welcome to the Galleries section of the site.  This section is divided into three thematic areas.  The first area will contain galleries of imagin-action pictures sorted by historical eras.  These pictures will feature figures and accessories by different manufacturers all mixed together.  (They're toys, after all.  They're meant to be played with!)  The second area will feature the playsets and products of different manufacturers such as Conte, B & T, Classic, Barzo and Butternut and Blue, to name a few.  While there might be a few "content" shots in each gallery, most of the photos will be imagin-action shots.  The third area will focus on vintage  playsets.  This area will be more content focused than the others but will also feature the great old playsets in all their imagin-action glory.  

It's my hope that by the end of 2001 a number of you will be creating your own imagin-action photos and that you'll post them here so others can enjoy them and be inspired.  Creativity is contagious.  Web space is cheap.  Let's get some synergy going and see where it takes us!

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