Dreamwish Playsets

Click on the picture for the full treatment of this Dreamwish set.

My Painted Alaska Dreamwish Playset.

Marx Alaska and Canadian Frontier Sets


A Dreamwish 60mm Wagon Train Set.

On top is an Imex castle with a whole bunch of painted kinights I bought years ago but have never set up. Below is my Ultimate Fort Apache featuring Barzo's incredible fort and a bezillion conversions.  You can click on the picture to see the whole Fort Apache Treatment.

The Fort Apache Set-Up features lots of cavalry in turquoise, Frontiersmen in tan and indians in red-brown, yellow and cream.

The Longcoats are trying to get the wagons into the fort.  There are lots more pictures of this set-up on another page.  Click any of the images above to see the whole photo treatment.

Here is a Dreamwished Version of the Canadian Wagon Train.

The set Marx should have made...Click on the picture to see it.

A Dreamwish Western Town

The Outlaw Josey Wales...One of a kind.

The Horse Soldiers

One of my Civil War Sets

Here'a Blue and Gray Dreamwish Set-Up from 2007...Primitive Playsetaddict.

My first Dreamwish Wagon Train