I wondered if there would be someone out there who valued this "Playset" as much as I did. It turns out there was.  I didn't get alot for the conversion work, but I got something.  I really hope the new owner will display the set and enjoy it.


Here are my renditions of Frank and Jesse.

The Pinkertons!

A couple of Youngers

The "ultra rare" (wink-wink)  Walter Brennan and The Duke Characters

Here are some supplimental Items I listed on eBay the same day...Friday, May 2.

I decided to take some of the buildings I no longer use in my big Western Town display and combine them with some duplicate P and P Products Western Town figures I had.  I threw in a few of my Marxized conversions and listed it all on eBay.

This grouping actually generated more interest than the Jesse James set.