One of my favorite movies is "The Horse Soldiers" starring John Wayne and William Holden. Over the years, I've imagined recreating this scene with figures...but as with so many of my imaginings, I never followed through.  Finally, enough great stuff became available to motivate me to fight  through my 'Big Set Up Inertia' and put this scenario together.  It features the Sons of the South series by Conte, buildings handcrafted by Allan Roberts, and various figures and accessories I had laying around.  You'll notice there are two different groupings of Union soldiers all Conte and the other a conglomerate of poses I used to represent dismounted cavalry.

Off the train, they come in a desperate charge!

Leading the charge is a one armed officer, the picture of  'Never say Die' Southern chivalry.

The Duke watches the slaughter with regret.

Army surgeon William Holden gets ready to deal with the inevitable rush of business.

Down they go...

Still he comes....

But no one has the heart to give him the noble death he desires.