September 2013

MarxWagon Train playset diorama

After years in the dreaming....I'm finally working on my Ultimate Wagon Train playset!

This is the set as I imagined it should be...with lots of wagons...lots of mounted Indians...mounted character figures...better poses for the theme....

Wagon Master Seth Adams checks to see why the lead wagon stopped.

The Indians observe...and begin to plan.





Here are some olser pictures.

When the first pictures of the Wagon Train Playset were released in the Sears catalog, the 54mm wagons were not yet ready so the set was pictures with 60mm wagons in some great colors. 60mm wagons in those colors never were released, so when i got my hands on some recast 60mm wagons..I painted them up in bright Marx colors.

Marx Wagon Train

Marx Wagon Train

This is a set-up featuring a Canadian WagonTrain Playset that came with all blue wagons.  Click on the picture to see more.

You might alos enjoy this set-up.  Click on the picture.