Barzso Playsets

Barzso Rogers Rangers

Can you believe it's been 22 years since Ron Barzso released his inaugural playset - Rogers Rangers and the Attack on St. Francis.  I remember being so excited that someone was going to make a brand new playset in the Marx style. It had been about 20 years since Marx quit making playsets.  PFPC had a great article on Ron and I pre-ordered my set.  With this set. the  New Golden Age of Playsets began.

Ron loved the Rogers Rangers theme. He followed his first set with a second plus several smaller sets including the Rangers Camp Playset (pictured above) and Rangers on the Lake.

Brazso Ranger Camp

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 Here is the Davy Crockett Wilderness Set

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Barzso Union Camp Playset

I believe The Sioux Buffalo Hunt playset was released in 2011.  I love the teepees Ron made for this set.  These are some rare painted metal Indian Camp figures Ron once was thinking of releasing.

This was the display in the lobby at OTSN in 2011.  Sculptor Jim Clouse outdid himself on the terrain base.

The Battle of Lexington Green


Conquistadores and Azteks

The Battle of Cherubusco

Braddock's Defeat

Barzso's Zorro Hacienda

Last of the Mohicans Character Figures