I think Barzso's Battle of New Orleans Playset is one of the least documented sets...at least in terms of photo treatment... on the web.  I haven't found any good diorama pictures of it anywhere.  It was released back in 1994.  I believe It was the second theme tackled by Ron after his treatment of Rogers Rangers. It has the hallmarks of his best sets...a great centerpiece in the gabion and cotton bale fortification pieces, character figures of Andrew Jackson and Jean Lafitte, great accessories and something unique..in this case the congrieve rocket launcher.  The figures are very nice.  I would bet they were sculpted by Ken Osen. My biggest frustration with the set is the small number of British figures included to assault the fortifications.  Having just thirteen assaulters makes it a little tricky to photograph.  You have to use angles and imagination. (And some digital magic!)  It is a cool set.  I can't believe I've had it for over 17 years and have never photographed it. 

Barzso Battle of New Orleans

Jean Lafitte stands ready.

Andrew Jackson Batle of New Orleans

Andrew Jackson gives orders.

The British advance on a narrow strip of ground between a river and a swamp.

It's on!

The clone army advances under murderous fire.

A Congrieve Rocket Launcher.


O for a few dozenmore British Infantry figures!  It's still a great set.

A great Ron Lizorty Box

A real Playset Experieince...

This set was the 16th one he sold when he released it at OTSN in 1994.  I remeber the thrill of fionally having brand new complete Playsets onthe market again after a 25 year gap after the demise of Marx.

Alas...one casualty.

Trying to set up the Rocket Launcher without using glue might drive you to drinking.

No one does accessories like Ron Barzso!

The biggest flaw with the box are these wear tears on the inside flaps.