Barzso's Rogers Rangers

This is where the Barzso Story began.  I remember back in 1993 being so excited whem I read in PFPC Magazine that someone was going to make a new original playset.  I preordered the set and I am sure I was one of the first to receive the set in the mail.  I bought everything Ron released over the next 10 years. 

I held this set for 22 years before giving it the "Playsetaddict" treatment. Then it went to eBay.  I hope the new owners appreciate these sets. How could they not?

Ron has excelled at creating amazing accessories since the very beginning.

Barzso William Rogers Figure

   Barzso 3 story Blockhouse

This was a later release.  Ron was really committed to this theme.

Brazso Ranger Camp

Barzso Rangers Camp

I found three bags of Barzso figures I had forgotten I had.  There's a set of 2nd series Rangers, a bag of different Indians and another set of French Infantry.