Barzso's Davy Crockett Wilderness Set

When you open a Barzso Playset, you get a rush of joy like you got when you were a kid and found a Marx playset under the Christmas tree.  You get everything you need to create your own adventures in history. No one does accessories like Barzso and you get enough figures to satisfy, but not so many that each pose isn't appreciated as it's own character.

The Davy Crockett Wilderness Set has a number of outstanding pieces.

Check out the guy throwing the barrell and the woman dumping water over the stockade wall.  Also, note the scalping vignette.

The figures, with the possible exception of the stangely shaped Polly Crockett pose, are very nicely sculpted.

Here is Georgie Russel watching out for Polly Crockett while Davy is out fooling around with a bear.

Below are some pictures of the contents of the set.

Two of the real special pieces in this set are the ox cart and the hanging deer piece entitled "After the Hunt".

This is the 'Giant' set and it came with some additional figures.  The centerpieces of the set are the incredible cabin/stockade wall pieces of the Refuge Fort.

Here's the other building with the 'extra' pioneers from the 'Giant' configuration.

Like I said before, No one does accessories like Barzso!


There's almost too much to fit back in the box.