Conte Plastic Civil War

I remember being so excited at the thought of Conte producing plastic Civil War figures.  I loved that he was able to produce full bodied, three dimensional figures.  I loved the Ken Osen sculpted fortifications.  And I loved the Crater centerpiece. I even loved the single color metal specialty poses he included in his playsets. And yet it's been years since I got them out and "worked" with them.  And in that time so much new stuff has been produced by TSSD, Classic, and Cunnyngham.  So I started out with a Conte set-up and then added some other figures as I went along.   The Traverse Dioramics Devil's Den rock formations and their backdrops are also featured.

I expanded the battle, bringing in some TSSD guys as well other figures by CTS, Cunnyngham, Andy Gard and others. I also broughtin a couple of CTS limbers and caissons and my own converted blown up caisson.


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