Assorted Civil War Pictures





Here's a shot of Mike Estell's incredible Hudson and Allen custom Diorama layout with a bunch of Iron Brigade figures by Britains, Troiani and Conte...but all sculpted by Ken Osen.  Mike lives not too far away from me and It's alot of fun having another collector to play with.  (Especially one with such really cool stuff!) 




This set up features the new Hobby Bunker Stone Bridge, the TSSD Farmhouse, the Britains Woodshed, Conte figures and a bunch of other good stuff.

What a luxury!

This shot may look simple, but it was a long time in the making.  The inspiration comes from a life size diorama in a museum in Madison, Wisconsin.  The Conte Iron Brigade figures have been waiting for a while, but I wanted some good corn and some realistic split rail fence. Thanks go to Michigan Toy Soldier company for helping me out with the corn.  And special thanks also goes out to Gary Livingston (Shiloh) who is the master of split rail fence.