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You know you're in trouble when your hobby moves you to song.  Get the tune of The Who's "Pinball Wizard" going in your mind and do your own Karioke version of 

 "Playset Addict"


Ever since I was a young boy  I've played with army men...Plastic soldiers and cowboys...knights and Indiens...I don't know why I like them  but I know their Siren's call

Those great old Marx Playsets...I've got to have them all!

At Sears and Wards and Penneys and the Toy Store down the street...the sets were displayed  on boards for all to see.   Blue and Gray and Alamo   and other sets big and small....

Those great old Marx Playsets..I've got to have them all!!!


I'm a Playset Addict..I've gotta get my fix...a Playset Addict's on every dealer's list!!!

Why do you think you do it?  (I don't know)

What made Marx so good?


The sculpting was fantastic...incredible detail.  So many poses...most of them in scale...accessories and buildings...cannons and cannon balls

Those great old Marx Playsets...I've got to have them all!

I'm a Playset Addict...I gotta get my fix....A Playset Addict's on every dealer's list!

Where are you going to store them?  (I don't know)

Don't You have enough?


My basement is full of little plastic men...Someday I'll play with them...but until then......

I'll keep on collecting  Marx and now Conte..Checking my e-mail.. reading PFPC...going to Toy Shows...Hitting every Antique Mall...

Those great Old Marx Playsets...I've got to have them all!


Words by Joe Baker