In April of 2014 I set out to make a set-up using as many of my painted plastic Confederate figures as possible.  For several months I had been accumulating new forces.  John Mullins painted a bunch of plastic rebs for me and I made a bunch of conversions and then painted them. Once I set up the painted plastic guys, I then started adding a few metal figures...then more..then some metal Union troops.  The above picture was the culmination of the series.  You will have to scroll down to see the best pictures of this set-up.

Here's where it began...

These three conversions turned out well.

I swapped out the guy holding the Britains Deetail flag for the Conte Southern Cross flagbearer. And you just gotta use the Conte metal casualty figures.  Nobody does carnage like Conte.

I added this Collector's Showcase Pistolero.  Such a cool figure.

I wish I could afford the recent Britains Metal sets that feature Confederates climbing over Turn Pike fences.  These guys work OK, though.  I'd rather have 50 painted plastic guys than 8 painted metal guys.

This picture was a wonderful accident.  I could never plan the way the central figure is lit up so brightly.

Enter the Union Troops.

I think the Conte hand to hand sets, along with the casualty figures that were released at the same time,  would get my vote for the best Toy Soldiers ever made.

I lowered the light, added an orange light, and things got interesting.