Elevated!...The Adventure

You are invited to join a new group meeting Sunday mornings at Elevation. We're calling the group "Elevated!...The Adventure" because it will be a journey into deepening our connection with the Lord and each other...and no one grows in relationships without being challenged and changed.  It will be an interactive group where each week you'll have a chance to have face to face time with others on this onward and upward journey we have all set out on. We hope it will be a place those new to Elevation can get exposed to and immersed in our Transformational Culture and where deep, life-giving friendships are formed.

We will meet for an hour and a half. During the first 45 minutes, there will be time for testimonies, interactive exercises, and whatever else Holy Spiirt is breathing on.  The second 45 minutes will start with a 15 to 20 minute message presented by a leader in our Fellowship who we don't often get to hear from during our regular services. These speakers will be recruited from the ranks of those in Pastor Rick's Five-fold Training, Elevate U, our Staff and those who have been through Bethel's school of Supernatural Ministry out in Redding. The messages will each focus on one of Elevation's core values as so beautifully laid out in Pastor Ryan's "Elevated" Activational, but translated through the life experience of the speaker. The last twenty minutes will be spent responding to what Holy Spirit is doing through the message. We could move into large group discussion, small group discussion or right into ministry time.

Our Vision for this group is for it to feel like an exuberant Family Get Together. There will be lots of laughter, testimonies that flow out of our ongoing encounters with God, and prophetic words shared in a safe environment in an atmosphere of love and hope.

While we are meeting at Bayport, "Elevated!...The Adventure" will meet in the choir room, also known as the Heaven's Heroes classroom, at 8:00 AM. Once we are in our new building, we will meet in one of the Conference Rooms during the second service.


If you have any questions, text or call Joe Baker at 929 246-9512.


All are welcome! Come! Join the Adventure! (If you dare!)