Dodge City - The TV Westerns

Johnny Ringo, Matt Dillon, Wyatt Earp Jim Hardy. Shane and Josey Wales, among others, draw down on the Villains.

I love the Marx Western Playsets, but they really could have done better on some of their stuff.  I've always wanted some more active miners, some actual cow pokes who were poking, and harness horses that were either standing still or gallopping hard, instead of just clopping along.  So I made me some.  And I also wanted more buildings for my western Town, so I could not resist Alan Robert's Buildings of the Old West.  And I always wanted more towns people. Larry Patterson's P and P products provided what Marx did not.  And then there's Josy Wales...but that's a story I'll keep to myself.

My converted Miners.

I also wanted a powder blue wagon.  Marx never nade one...but I got one!  And I've always loved the Wagon Train ad in the Sears catalog that showed a bunch of brightly colored 60mm wagons.  They never released those, but I got 'em.  A good imagination and a little paint goes a long way.


My converted cowpokes.


One of my favorite parts of the way I enjoy the Toy Soldier/playset hobby is to create the scenic environments for my set-ups.  These shots show off some of my Terra-forming.


Jim Hardy driving the stage coach.


The Main Characters.

Miss Kitty and some Steve Westen drunken cowboys. Also some P and P figures.

A Dulcop Fire Wagon.

I picked up a set of soft plastic versions of the Britains Deetail Cowboys.  Very Cool figures. 



P and P figures checking out the commotion.  What I really need are a bunch of towns folk cowering and diving for cover.


These were pictures I took with my phone.  The editing on the Google Photos ap provided some cool vibes.