Marx Carry All Fort Apache

The Carry All Fort Apache is one of the most common  Marx playsets.  I found this particular set at an Antique Mall.  I bought it because it contained the rare Custer figure.  I turned around and sold that one figure for 8 times what I paid for the set.  Now I'm getting ready to list this set on eBay, so I decided to play with it before I let it go.  I thought it needed more Indians, so I put in 6 of the Rubenstein butterscotch Indians and a mounted BMC archer. Then I decided to put a few of my special turquoise guys...a wounded Centennial figure, a couple of BMC guys, a Deetail Cavalryman and a converted Airfix guy. 


Marx Fort Apache

When I first got into collecting Marx Playsets back in 1991, the first set I bought was a Carry All Fort Apache at Doc's Toy Show in Buena Park, California.  As a kid I loved the 7th Cavalry guys.  When I started collecting, I had no idea how common the set was.  In fact at that time I only knew of maybe ten playsets.  I was just trying to get the figures I loved as a kid.

These are the original contents of the set.  (I added a kneeling firing pose, two clubbing poses and one running because I thought they should be there...but I might be mistaken.)

These are the figures I added. There are 6 Rubenstein Indians, one mounted BMC with horse, andthen two BMC, one converted Airfix and one Britains Deetail Cavalrymen.  The Cavalrymen are painted to match the original Marx Turquoise guys.