Barzso Lexington Revolutionary War diorama

In 2012 Ron Barzso released one of his most ambitious playsets to date.  The set contains four different buildings, injected molded plastc figures, great accessories and resin character figures.  As you view these pictures, take a moment to appreciate the reality we playset addicts enjoy in this new millenium where our youthful playset dreams keep coming true.  As Ron's motto states, "Remember...Enjoy."  If you'd like to see more of Ron's playset offerings through the years, click on the above picture to go to the Barzso Index Page.

Ron also released some add-ons for the set.  Pictured here is the Concord Bridge.  The yellow Buckman's Tavern shown in some of the pictures below is the other add-on.

You get a great British Grenadier Firing Line in the set.

The stone walls pictured here as well as the grass groundcover, the trees, the river and the road are my own contributions to this set-up.  These stone walls are from JG Miniatures.

In the center is the Paul Revere Character Figure. (The other mounted figure is a mis-placed Major Pitcairn.  Oops)

In this picture you can see some of the accessories including the two street lamps, the bell, the stocks and the well.